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Thinking of selling your product through self employed commission based Sales Agents into the UK Electrical Wholesale market?
NESA UK can help.


Over 250 collective years of experience as Electrical Sales Agents, building valuable relationships within the Electrical Wholesale Sector.


Helped to establish some of the most recognisable brands in our industry.

See examples below


Accredited Agents with National and International Accolades from the Manufacturers Agents Association & Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers

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About Us

  • NESA UK Sales Agents service over 3500 Electrical Wholesalers throughout the UK, which includes all Consortium Members, standalone Independents and National Wholesaler Chains.

  • Collectively, our members turnover is excess of £200 million per year.

  • Our agents represent a portfolio of related but non-competitive product lines, working under a contractual arrangement within a defined territory on an exclusive basis.

  • Put simply, we are the Manufacturers/Distributors Sales Personnel and offer the most cost effective strategy to reach the market channel; we keep overheads to a minimum we are a fixed cost of sales and maintain the image and integrity of your brand.


Did you know?  According to statistics from the EU, there are over 590,000 Commercial Sales Agents in Europe representing 1.9 million Manufacturers'/Distributors.


…utterly professional, driven, ethical and most of all very successful in continually growing the customer base and sales in the region.

…valuable member of the team and proved to be a very well organised sales professional providing consistently strong growth year on year.

…have been instrumental in multiplying our sales ….. by a factor of over 30 times and developing superb working relationships with trade customers across the region.


  1. NESA Agents should always act in good faith and fair dealing towards the Principal, Customer and other Manufacturers’ Agents.

  2. NESA Agents shall constantly strive to establish long lasting business relationships between their Principals and Customers.

  3. NESA Agents shall constantly strive to safeguard the image of the Principal in the Market Place.

  4. NESA Agents shall ensure that the best possible level of communication and understanding is attained between the Principal and Customer.

  5. NESA Agents will not make warranties in excess of the warranties given by the Principal.

  6. NESA Agents shall avoid any form of misrepresentation.

  7. NESA Agents shall not represent directly competing products or services where this would be inconsistent with their duties towards their Principals.

  8. NESA Agents shall recognise their business activities as an imperative part of the sales organisation of their Principal.

  9. NESA Agents shall constantly safeguard and improve the image of the manufacturers’ agency profession.

  10. The NESA Code of Conduct is completely in accordance with the MAA & IUCAB Code of Ethics. This was written by the Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers Legal Working Group which consists of leading Agency lawyers from around the world including the MAA’s legal advisors.


NESA agents have the UK covered!

Working in partnership, our members provide a consistent quality service using our experience and connectivity.

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